Paradise key

Paradise key

I worked at my birthday,
And even on Cristmas —
But what can we do?
It’s a tourist’s business!
Good weather and many "o.k.’s!"
I listened according my stories - "Ah! Oh!"
Because I’m a genius.
But how my soul
Will come to a Paradise gate
In future?
They ask me:
Is it trooth? Are you rightly?
I answer: "Not clear!
I’m a historical writer!
Sometimes I took same details
From portret of epoh
Of Middle Ages
Because many weeks
I red chronicles’ pages
And put’m into my intresting tales

Without being mistaken!
(Long distance — from Peter
To Pskov…) And I hope! —
Says Apostol Peter
With smile: "Yes, I know! O.K!
Your stories are good, but you’re tired!
You must be resting
From gardens and palaces,
Eastern and Western…
And give me please ’Paradise key!"

3 November 2003

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