East and West

East and West

Through snow, under blessing sky,
With cool clouds and cold streams’
Last decade of this March. What my
Lire can say according Spring?
For two browds — for West and East —
Only mist, my little, only mist!

I remember big lake not far
From my home…But nothing. So,
Amber leaves’re in the my school file,
Apple-tree branches as lasso,
And two mountains — East and West…
Only rest, my boy, only rest!

And, as yesterday going along
White see side, and tomorrow’ll be
With my rhymes, with fantastic song,
In the palaces, waves and winds, —
How long time I can write and fly?
Only life, my Lord, only life!

Peterhoff, 18th April 2006

Инвектива против Онищенко